A Final Fantasy® XIV (Cactuar) and Black Desert Online Guild
FFXIV photo of group completing the Aquapolis
FFXIV photo of Woaren looking off into the distance
FFXIV photo of Renn and Woaren in Quarrymill
FFXIV photo of Luka as food on the table
FFXIV photo of Frost and Luka looking at lightning bolt
BDO photo of Big Boss
FFXIV photo of Ifrit
FFXIV photo of Eastern Thanalan
BDO photo of an overlook

Who We Are

Remnants of Cetra is a tight-knit guild that spans across both Final Fantasy® XIV (FFXIV) and Black Desert Online (BDO).

Founded a day before FFXIV: A Realm Reborn released in 2013, Cetra continues to be a collection of friends who enjoy playing and exploring these games together.


The Remnants of Cetra FFXIV free company (FC) has been on the server Cactuar since the game reopened its servers with the introduction of A Realm Reborn back in 2013.

It has all the amenities you’d expect out of such a matured FC. Speaking of maturity, it’s home to some of the friendliest Eorzean’s you’ll ever come across. It’s also a Lala-friendly FC!

If these things have you yearning for more, then please stop by our forums for more in-depth details on the guild and how to apply today!

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BDO Info

A small group of FFXIV friends took off to seek a new home and found BDO suitable for their needs. Once there, they created another community proudly waving the Cetra flag and are aiming to make more friends and connections while on their journey.